Shameless Endorsement


Go to almost any high-profile, health and wellness website and you'll it bloated with the same spammy ads you'll see on almost every other health and wellness site. Perhaps a few of the products advertised actually live up to their claims and certainly those ads are making money for the sites that show them, but I just don't want any part of that whole network. At the very least, I feel exposing my readers to this kind of junk marketing distracts from the message I'm trying to communicate.

Isn't it Time We Abandoned Glycemic Index?


Glycemic index (GI) has seen wide popularity among weight-loss dieters. Originally intended to be used by diabetics, it is a method of rating foods according to how much they impact a rise in blood glucose levels.

But is it as useful as claimed by doctors and dieticians?

Carbohydrates Without Guilt?


Are all carbohydrates alike or is there some substance to the good-carb-bad-carb arguments?

A Google search suggests that even researchers, doctors and nutritionists can't agree. However, if you can filter out everything with political, self-promotional or other commercial motives, all that remains is biochemistry. The challenge, then, is to distill what's left into something more approachable. That's the goal, anyway, so let's get started.

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