Seminar: The Truth About Calories (updated content)

Seminar teaser: Metabolic energy pathway of feasting Are all calories are alike? Absolutely not!

A common misconception about calories is that "if you don't burn them, you store them". This is wrong in so many ways! Not getting the correct information means that you actually interfere with your weight-loss goals and, in some cases, even cause damage to your health. 

What are three major metabolic energy pathways? Which of them support optimal health and which ones hinder it?

Come to this seminar and learn:

  • how to tell which diets work and which ones don’t
  • key changes to your diet that will show health benefits in as little as three days!
  • a better way of thinking about food, diet, and health in general
  • how to effortlessly loose weight, with or without exercise


November 25th (Wed) 2015


$20 (Early-bird $5) 


  • 6:30 ~ 6:55 pm - Meet & Greet 
  • 7:00 ~ 8:30 pm - Seminar
  • 8:30 ~ 9:00 pm - Q & A 


Transcend HealthTranscend Health
Second Floor
619 Yonge Street

(map link here) 

(4 minute walk north from Wellesley Station, 5 minute walk south from Bloor Station)


Stephen M Brown

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