Seminar: Why do 92% of New Year's Resolutions FAIL?

The way most of us make our New Year’s resolutions just sets us up for failure!

Did you know there’s a very effective way of setting realistic goals and making them stick? It goes for losing weight, improving your health or anything else in your life, any time of the year!

But there's more!

Rise in disease correlates with dietary changes of the last 40 years

6 MASTER KEYS are an absolute must know if you want to...

  • Lose excess weight
  • Get back your energy
  • Look and feel younger
  • Live longer

Statistics reveal that the health problems of the millennium have reached crisis level, and correlate to major dietary changes in the last 50 years! 

Come and learn the 6 keys are what you need to get and keep your health on the right track.


  • Wednesday, January 13, 2016


  • 6:30 ~ 6:55 pm - Register and settle in
  • 7:00 ~ 8:30 pm - Presentation
    • Doors close at 7:00 pm sharp. Please, don't be late!
  • 8:30 ~ Q & A and socialising



Transcend Health

Transcend Health

619 Yonge Street, Second Floor
(map link here) 

(3 minute walk north from Wellesley Station, 4 minute walk south from Bloor Station)


A notebook and pen/pencil.


Early Bird Registration: $5.00 

At the door:  $20.00 (subject to available space)


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