Can I get the slides from the presentation?

We have decided not to release the slide decks. The reasons are:

  • The slides are visual support for the spoken presentations. Without the words there is no context.
  • People who see the slides without the context often assume they mean something else. We’re trying to avoid such misconceptions and misunderstandings.

We fully intend to make video versions of some of the presentations where viewers will benefit from both the audio and visual portions of the presentations.

If you would like to use your mobile phone to capture some of the slides as they are projected, you are welcome to do so for your own personal reference. Please set your phone to silent mode and turn off the flash so it doesn’t distract attendees or otherwise disrupt the presentation.

If you would like to post single photos of slides on Twitter or Facebook you may do so if it supports comments you are making about the content of the session or context of the slide. We do ask that you provide a link back to the source, which is typically the event announcement page on this site.

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