Is the Post-Modern Diet a non-profit?

Short answer: No.

While the Post-Modern Lifestyle Project (PMLP) currently operates at a net financial loss, we have not formally established our intent to be a non-profit entity. Operational costs are financially supported through a variety of sources including:

  • membership fees
  • private & corporate sponsorship
  • commissions and/or revenue sharing for online courses and products.

Sponsors & Partners

  • Hardfocus International – web & mail hosting.
  • Critical Factor Inc. – promotional & financial support
  • Photongraphics – Photography, graphic design & video post-production.

The Post-Modern Diet and Post-Modern Lifestyle are Trademarks owned by Stephen M Brown and may only used in the context of PMLP and its community. The owner reserves the right to profit from the from the Trademarks which may include licensing, book publication and services such at training courses and coaching.

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